Hakka Soups


1. Sweet Corn Soup   Choice of Small(S), Medium(M) & Large(L)

    Veg. Sweet Corn Soup      3.99(S) 7.99(M) 10.99(L)
    Chicken Sweet Corn Soup      4.50(S) 8.99(M) 11.99(L)

2. Hot/Sour Soup  Choice of Small(S), Medium(M) & Large(L)

    Veg. Hot/Sour Soup      3.99(S) 7.99(M) 9.99(L)
    Chicken Hot/Sour Soup      4.50(S) 8.99(M) 11.99(L)
    Chicken & Shrimp Hot/Sour Soup      4.99(S) 9.99(M) 12.50(L)

3. Manchurian Soup  Choice of Small(S), Medium(M) & Large(L)

    Veg. Manchurian Soup      4.50(S) 8.99(M) 11.99(L)
    Chicken Manchurian Soup      4.60(S) 9.25(M) 12.25(L)
    Chicken & Shrimp Manchurian Soup      4.99(S) 10.25(M) 12.99(L)

4. Tom Yam Soup  Choice of Small(S), Medium(M) & Large(L)

    Veg.Tom Yam Soup      3.99(S) 7.99(M) 10.99(L)
    Chicken Tom Yam Soup      4.50(S) 8.99(M) 11.99(L)
    Chicken & Shrimp Tom Yam Soup      4.99(S) 9.99(M) 12.50(L)

5. Wonton Soup  Choice of Small(S), Medium(M) & Large(L)

    Chicken Wonton Soup      4.99(S) 9.99(M) 11.99(L)
    Shrimp Wonton Soup      5.50(S) 10.50(M) 12.99(L)

6.Noodle Soup  Choice of Small(S), Medium(M) & Large(L)

    Veg. Noodle Soup      3.99(S) 7.99(M) 10.99(L)
    Chicken Noodle Soup      4.50(S) 8.99(M) 11.99(L)
    Chicken & Shirmp Noodle Soup      4.99(S) 9.99(M) 12.99(L)

Our foods may contain nuts or could have come in contact with them. Please inform us of any food allergies. All applicable TAXES EXTRA. Prices subject to change without prior notice. 15 CENTS EXTRA FOR TRANSACTION BELOW $15.


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    1. Can Pop     1.75

        (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Ice Tea, Orange Crush)

    2. Spring Water     1.00

    3. Mango/Orange/Apple Juice     2.99

    4. Kulfi (Mango/Pistachio/Malai)    3.99

    5. Green Tea     3.99

    6. Manago/Plain Lassi     3.99

    7. Rasmalai     3.99

    8. Gulab Jamun(Indian Desert)     3.99

    We accept